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If you decided to visit our site you are probably looking for some good and undetected hacks / cheats for Counter Strike Games. Look no further, we have everything you need. Our hacks are VAC-proof, easy to install, they are virus or malware free, and on top of that you can download them right now and start crushing your opponents. Please feel free to browse categories and if you have some question hit F.A.Q button or contact us.

We have Aimbots, Wallhacks, SpeedHacks and more Cheats for the following Counter Strike Games :

Counter Strike GO


Counter Strike 1.6


Counter Strike Source


All our Counter Strike hacks / cheats are currently UNDETECTED !!!


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Counter Strike: GO Multihack

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counter strike go hacks

We are proudly presents our multihack for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This hack is currently undetected so you can dominate your game without fear of being banned.


Features of our COUNTER STRIKE GO Multihack:

Version: v1.53


Aimbot (new version of aimbot, looks very legit, so its very hard to tell if you are actually using it)

WallHack (glowing skins so you can see through wall, objectcs, etc.)

ESP (distance, players names)

Norecoil (fire your weapon without bullet spreading, hit your target at any distance with full auto mode)

No Smoke/Fog (smoke and flash grenades won't affect you)

Radar (shows all players)

Money Hack (you can set the ammount of cash at the beginning of the game)

Status Undetected

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